KESÄKUU Siirtymän voima JUNE Power of Transition

Maanantai 1.6.2015

On luonnollista siirtyä kehollisesti lapsuudesta 05-img_0251.jpg_kesa_ilo2014.jpgaikuisuuteen mutta henkisesti
teemme siirtymät hyvinkin eri tahdissa. Tämän kuun alla sinua kutsutaan siirtymään
sinulle uudenlaiseen tietoisuuteen, vastaanottamaan ennen kokematon
hetki. (Ote 2015 Voima Kalenterikirjasta)

Öljyvärimaalaus Ilo, koko 10x10cm, hinta 80€.


Power of transition

It is natural to proceed from the childhood body into adulthood but spiritually we transfer in quite a different rhythm.  During this month you are invited to transfer into awareness new to you, to receive a moment you have not experienced before. There are many gates into imagination and awareness. The gate opening to you during this month will be defined according how you have lived before you reached this moment.

Our culture does not provide very many transition rites and there also is a purpose in that. Use your creativity, make your own rites to respect the journey you have walked so far and invite new winds to come to you. Write down the things in relation to which you have grown and the changes you have gone through. Write on one year timeline the things that you have implemented and undergone recognize the power of your own journey. Be attentive to keep the joy of seizing the moment. If you experience ugliness around you alter it. Immediately create something beautiful and keep concentrating on beauty. This way you will be connected into the power of transition. Alter the things that you are not satisfied with or change your attitude toward them, relocate yourself into feeling good.

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